Managed IT Services

Downtime means lost revenue, which is why your business should invest in managed IT services to ensure that they are always ready for any situation. Our team of skilled technicians will quickly connect into your server or PC, and take all necessary steps towards resolving the issue while being proactive about maintaining network health overall. Along with faster support, our remote monitoring software allows us to be proactive in maintaining the health of your network. Being proactive will help you avoid downtime, which in turn, costs your business money.

We do I.T. All

So you can do what you do best.

Remote Monitoring & Management

With our Remote Management platform, we can keep an eye on your systems and keep them running smoothly.

Managed Antivirus & Anti-malware

Don’t worry about your network being secure from infection. Let us handle that with our remote managed solutions built around providing you Enterprise-grade security.

Remote Support

Tired of waiting for your current IT provider to make it to your office? We can provide remote support to diagnose and fix many issues without even leaving our offices.

Control Costs

Know exactly how much you will be spending every month on IT and take control of your budget.

Full Coverage IT Tech Support

Your business relies on a variety of systems. We can handle managing all of them both on-site and through remote support.

We've Got You Covered

You can rest easy knowing IT is in our hands. Our managed IT services are an easy choice for keeping your business running smoothly.

Managed IT Services
Micro Excell, led by James Higgins, worked closely with us to determine our technology needs prior to our move and made recommendations on equipment that helped us optimize our workflow. James was instrumental in ensuring our server room was adequate in our new facility by working with our construction project manager in laying out the dimensions and HVAC needs for the server room. Because of the size of our new building and the amount of equipment which had to be installed and tested, James coordinated a team of people to set up the equipment over several days and was on site to ensure the network and equipment for 40 plus employees was operational on opening day. Micro Excell’s attention to detail helped us have a seamless transition and eliminated all the headaches for us which are inherent to relocating a large amount of computer equipment in a limited amount of time.
There's no "magic button" to securing your network and systems. That's why Micro Excell helps determine the best solutions for your needs.
Many business stick with the simplicity of using the Wi-Fi coming out of their router, but did you realize this can give a hacker easy access to your network and business data?
Spam email is an unfortunate common occurrence, but it is also a security risk. How much can you afford to lose if an employee clicks a malicious link in a suspicious email?
It doesn't matter if your office has 5 people or 500, when your network goes down you will struggle to work.
Many business fail to update or upgrade their network infrastructure because "it works." But your business could be losing productivity because your network could work better.
It's not your job to fix network problems when they inevitably happen. Your job is to make your company more money. It's OUR JOB to keep your network running fast and secure.