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Computers are an important part of everyday life now whether you are handling your banking, checking email, or just watching a movie with the family. But as with any complex machine, they can break. Parts can wear out, your system can become infected with a virus, or it just gets slower and slower. Regardless of the issue, at some point you will need Computer Repair Services to get your equipment back up and running.

That is why we have a dedicated, experienced and professional staff so that we can handle your computer repair issues as quickly as possible and we also carry the largest inventory of parts in stock in Etowah County in an effort to reduce your down time. If it is an instance of “got to have it yesterday,” we offer rush service at an additional charge. Every computer that arrives at Micro Excell, if so requested, will have its data backed up and retained for 30 days, providing the hard drive is readable. Thereby ensuring your data is retained as we go through the process of repairing your system. 

Not sure what is wrong with your system? We can run it through a multitude of checks to see what the problem is and make the necessary recommendations. All other computer repair services include diagnostics.

Is your system running slow or you think it may be infected? Computer viruses can be hidden quite well. We will run your system through a range of scanning tools to find and remove any viruses and malware on it. We will also go over your system giving it a tune up and clean up. Just like your car needing an oil change, it’s good practice to get a tune up for your computer once or twice a year.

Just remember that a slow computer doesn’t cost money to fix, it costs time wasted until you get it fixed.

Sometimes the best thing you can do to fix an issue is just start fresh. With an Operating System Wipe/Reload, we will basically reset your system back to the way it was fresh out of the box. So whether you just want it to feel like new or you plan to sell/give it away, we can clear all your data off and set it back up clean.

This is the same process of resetting the system back to being like it is “fresh out of the box” but with a key difference. Maybe you want that “out of box” feel but cannot bear to lose your kids’ pictures. For a small extra fee, we back up your data before doing the system reload, and then we restore the data back to it afterwards. You can also opt for us to put the data on a new system or an external drive instead.

Do you want to make sure your wedding pictures are backed up in case your computer crashes? Maybe you just want your ten years of photos backed up so you can free up space. We can handle backing up your data regardless of size from any working system.

Data Recovery is like backing up except this is when your device is failing or non-functional. Computer hard drives have components that fail, and when they do you can lose your data. If you do not have a backup already, then Data Recovery is your only option. Where data backup is a for sure operation, Data Recovery has no guarantee. If we find that the recovery process requires more expertise and equipment than we have, we can recommend you to a specialist.

Go ahead and call us with any computer questions you have!

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Need Us To Come To You?

Need help with your computer or network in your home? Maybe you cannot physically bring your computer to us. We also offer in-home service visits where we can schedule a technician to come to you and help you with any computer and networking needs.

Service Calls are $85 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.
Service Calls are timed from when we leave our office.
Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.

Remote Phone Support calls are $65 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.
Credit cards are accepted.