Business Transition

"Transitioning" Can Mean More Than Just Moving

Times are changing and your business must change with them. Whether you’re moving down the hall or across town, Micro Excell business IT support ensures that your business transition is well-planned and successful. Let’s face it, furniture movers are great at moving heavy things, but not so great at moving technical things. We can help you manage scheduling, handle the physical relocation of your IT equipment, and ensure your new office location is up and running with the least amount of headaches for you.

Micro Excell, led by James Higgins, worked closely with us to determine our technology needs prior to our move and made recommendations on equipment that helped us optimize our workflow. James was instrumental in ensuring our server room was adequate in our new facility by working with our construction project manager in laying out the dimensions and HVAC needs for the server room. Because of the size of our new building and the amount of equipment which had to be installed and tested, James coordinated a team of people to set up the equipment over several days and was on site to ensure the network and equipment for 40 plus employees was operational on opening day. Micro Excell’s attention to detail helped us have a seamless transition and eliminated all the headaches for us which are inherent to relocating a large amount of computer equipment in a limited amount of time.

Office Site Optimization

Conference Room Table with Laptop

You need to make sure your new office is ready before arriving. When you move to a new office, you’ll want to make sure that you can can get right back in the game following the move. This means that you’ll want your IT systems to be accessible from day one. When you are moving several workstations, servers, network components, and other pieces of hardware, it’s easy to lose track of exactly what hardware you have.

Therefore, it makes the most sense to get your new office ready ahead of time. This includes setting up your network components, inventorying your equipment, and validating your network backbone is working. The last thing you want is to get to your new office and suddenly be without access to core operational systems or find that something critical has been misplaced.

The Perfect Time To Upgrade

When moving into a new location, it is the perfect opportunity to perform some much needed maintenance and upgrading to your systems. Like with cars, your IT equipment needs regular maintenance and at times, total replacement. Besides handling your equipment during your transition, we can evaluate and recommend updates to your equipment as needed. From something as simple as just a physical cleanup to get the dust out all the way to a complete overhaul of your systems, we can handle it and make sure you get the service you need.

Small Offices

The Details Matter

Open Offices

Our expert technicians will provide you with thorough project management so that nothing gets missed – including: upfront planning and site visits, design and layout of the technology in the new space, and coordinating with your Internet Service Provider to ensure your business is up and running fast. We will work with architects, builders, and property managers to determine optimal locations for power sources, cabling, and server room layout, and to ensure that there is enough power and network availability for your systems. We can handle the tear-down and re-installation to make sure your business is ready to go when you arrive for work at your new location. Don’t leave your business relying on someone without the necessary IT project management experience needed. Instead you can rely on Micro Excell to make sure your business relocation goes smoothly.