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Disasters happen. Is your business ready?

We’ve all heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” but how many of us have really taken this adage to heart when it comes to preparing our businesses for possible disasters? Losing data, productivity or access to critical systems can have dramatic cost impacts on your business. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates over 40% of businesses never re-open following a disaster. Have you honestly asked yourself how much are your data and computer systems worth in terms of overall business income generation? Disasters can range from weather issues to a virus encrypting all of your customer information.

Your data is a key component of your business, and data storage ensures that valuable and confidential information is always protected. While having a local backup helps, many companies forget to plan for disasters. IT companies all offer a range of products and services, and at Micro Excell Computers, we offer secure, quick, and professional disaster recovery solutions to businesses. We’re dedicated to providing a smooth and easy solution to your offsite disaster preparation needs.

The Difference Between Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity

You have probably heard the terms “backup” and “disaster recovery” thrown around but are not sure what the difference is. That’s why you call Micro Excell. We can help you determine what options are right for your business and for ensuring your business can keep running.

Data Backups

If your primary concern is protecting your important documents and do not need to backup your applications and configurations, then a simple Data Backup is all you need. This may sound simple but there are various options depending on how secure you want you backups to be. The main three options we direct clients towards are: onsite backup to a storage device, offsite backup to one of our locally-hosted servers, and a cloud-based backup. These three options ensure that your critical data is protected and you have three tiers of speed for recovering any missing or damaged data.

Secure offsite storage is the number-one thing you need to consider if your data is integral to the continued operation of your business. Even at this basic level of backup, if your building where your backups reside burns to the ground you are still losing your data. While cloud-based storage is great in this case, large amounts of data will take time to recover in this way. That is why we have our own locally-hosted servers for backup so it can be as simple as copying your data to an external drive and bringing it straight to you.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery plan

Beyond backing up your data, you may want to make sure certain systems are able to be restored quickly. After all, you may want your Billing Department to be up and running as quick as possible since they are the ones making sure you get paid! Maybe you run a server that hosts an application your employees need to do their jobs.

Ask yourself, how much money will you lose for each day or even hour you are down because of a disaster?

We can help get you the best option for ensuring your data is secure and that you can quickly recover a critical system in an emergency situation.

Independent Offsite Data Backup Plans

Backup as little or as much critical data as you need.
Plans cover backup of one server – physical or virtual.

Your Backup SizeOur PricesOur Competitors Prices
Why are we so much cheaper? Because we do not believe in charging you TODAY the same prices from 15 YEARS AGO.
Need even more storage or have multiple servers to backup?
Call us at 256-547-8500 about a custom solution.
25GB$30 per month$50 per month
100GB$50 per month$100 per month
500GB$100 per month$340 per month
1000GB (1TB)$180 per month$640 per month
2000GB (2TB)$250 per month$1240 per month
3000GB (3TB)$310 per month$1840 per month
4000GB (4TB)$360 per month$2440 per month
5000GB (5TB)$400 per month$3040 per month