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Web Consulting & Design

How you use the Internet can drastically change your Business!

Now you have been in business ten years, maybe only ten days and decided it is time to have a website. Compiling information into one location can be a daunting task, even with the TV advertisements for ‘FREE’ websites. Nothing is easy or free. Let’s face it. Just as your business took time to develop, grow relationships and build a customer base, creating a website that works for your business is much the same.

Do you know what you want? Here are some things to consider when taking your business online.

  • Affordability vs. traditional advertising -
    Print / Radio / TV advertising
    Yellow Pages
  • Customer Demographics -
    Age, Income, Region
  • Customer Service & Support -
    Contact form and Live Chat abilities
  • Enhanced Sales -
    24/7 e-commerce
    24/7 product and/or services showcase
  • Google Analytics -
    See where you online visitors are coming from, what is effective and what works
  • Mobile Friendly -
    User friendly for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
  • Reviews -
    Media and news coverage on your company
    Expert forums showcasing your product
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization -
    Why pay for rankings in search engines?
    Write your page content to work organically
  • Social Media -
    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ presence
    YouTube – the best way to present product demonstrations
  • Testimonials -
    The BEST sales tool on the planet
    Savvy web consumers heavily rely on customer testimonials for confidence in purchasing
  • Updates -
    Continually update product or services information
    On-site blog

once your.com is online you can easily...

  • Do Your Own Direct Email Marketing -
    Create your own mailing list
    Direct signup from your website
  • Incorporated Advertising -
    Business cards, letterhead, invoices, vehicle decals to promote your website