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Data Security

Micro Excell Data SecurityHere at Micro Excell we offer two types of Data Security to suit your specific needs.

Below you will find information explaining the differences between the on-site backup and the off-site backup. This knowledge will help you determine which process will best meet your specific requirements.

On-Site Data Backup Service

Micro Excell’s onsite backup service is the monitored solution for businesses in need of security for mission-critical data without technical headaches.  We provide a low power consumption Network Access Storage (NAS) device with one terabyte of redundant storage, install the necessary backup software on your computers, and monitor the status of your backups. The NAS device will back up critical data from each computer on your office network on the automated schedule you choose – whether hourly, daily, or weekly. Unlike the typical external hard drive, the NAS device provides data redundancy to ensure no data is lost. Detailed logs of each backup will be available to you to ensure the security of your data. The Micro Excell technician in charge of your account will receive notification of the status of your backup and, should a backup fail, call your office to notify you and investigate further. All backups will be performed automatically in the background, so there is no need to worry that someone forgot to backup the computer with the one document you need for that big meeting – you know, the computer that crashed this morning.
Micro Excell’s onsite backup services provide hassle-free, secure backups of entire networks.


  • Network Access Storage Device with one terabyte of redundant storage
  • Client-side backup software
  • Installation of device
  • Set up of software and backup schedule
  • Monitored, scheduled backups.
  • Peace of mind that the information your business depends on is secure.


A local area network as found in most offices.

Off-Site Data Backup Service

Micro Excell's offsite backup service ensures the security of your data against all types of disaster – technical, natural, human error, or theft. From accidental changes or deletions to a fire or flood, offsite backup guarantees you have a copy of your most valuable data. Utilizing bank-level encryption, your data is automatically backed up each night to our mirrored data centers with Cisco Routers, HP Servers, EMC Storage machines, redundant power and bandwidth, and top-level physical security. The data your business depends on to operate is safe even in the face of catastrophe.


It's Easy – simple setup, backup and restoration of files, and administration. Perfect for the non-technical user.
It's Automated – After initial setup, your data is backed up automatically according to your set schedule. There is no need for human intervention, allowing your staff to concentrate on their work.
It's Fast – Incremental backups transmit changed files only. It even works on dial up!

It's Secure – Your valuable data is transmitted and stored using 128-bit AES encryption through Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the same level of security required of banks and other institutions that handle sensitive data. Mirrored data storage centers maintain data redundancy and security.

It's Offsite – Protect your data from viruses, flood, fire, theft, and sabotage, with 99.99% historical accuracy.
Free 24/7 Support – No extra charge for fast, friendly expert support.
Free 30 Day Trial – Try it today! No credit card required to start using the service!
Here is the link to try our remote data backup - http://www.remotedatabackups.com/partner/?id=microxl